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Account Services

Account Opening and Account Management

The DAO provides its customers account opening and account management facilities globally and capability to consolidate various wallets on one system. This system also allows customers to move funds in and out of these wallets
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Instant access to international IBAN accounts

Capability to link multiple e-wallet and bank accounts

Consolidated view of all the linked bank accounts and external e-wallets

Capability to perform international in and out remittance functions


Business Account Opening (IBAN Account)

Being the referral partner with international banks, The DAO has access to the provision of business account opening for Clients worldwide.
Target clients include payment providers, SMEs (e.g. merchants), and crypto companies, etc.
Linking Other e-Wallets and Bank Accounts
The DAO provisions the capability for its customers to connect and aggregate multiple bank accounts and e-wallets into the accounts provided by its banking partners. This allows the client to manage (i.e. add and remove) their own list of external e-wallets and bank accounts.
The linkage with DAO will be subject to the authentication requirements of the individual bank / e-wallet provider, as well as their connectivity the DAO's banking partners.
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Account Management

A set of account management functions are available for the clients to manage their accounts. For example:

Account overview/dashboard
provides a consolidated view of all the linked bank accounts and external e-wallets

Profile management/account maintenance
e.g. user profile update, password update, activate/de-activate the account, etc.

Transaction history inquiry

(both for on-screen viewing and export to PDF/Excel file)

Audit Trail
(both for on-screen viewing and export to PDF/Excel file) – showing all transaction activities and login/logout activities, etc.

Know your customers better
Get to know the customer behind each payment. Connect transactions to individuals and build a deeper understanding of their behavior. Track your performance across channels and regions and make informed business decisions.

Steps to get started with Account Service

Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your online transactions
Open an Account

Get started with our Frictionless Onboarding Process, in few intuitive steps 

Provide Documents

Provide all specified documents


Go through a personal identification and Verification Process

Go live

That's it: You are ready to go Live

Start your Journey with The DAO Account Services today
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