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Borderless Commerce
Enable global payment methods locally for your domestic e-commerce merchants on any device or channel without any regulatory and compliance hassles. Receive settlements from global payment methods in your local home currency. Your domestic acquiring business will be up and running quickly. You will be able to add international payment methods easily, and increase your merchants conversion rates.
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Enable overseas customers on local e-commerce

Open local e-commerce to International Payment methods

Ease of mind with regulatory and compliance issues

Receive merchant settlements locally from International payment methods

Borderless Commerce Services for Merchants
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Online Commerce

The DAO platform enables overseas customers of e-Commerce merchants/merchant aggregators (e.g. marketplace) in fast-growing economies to make purchases using the APMs in their markets. On the other hand, the DAO platform also enables acquirers and their e-Commerce merchants/merchant aggregators in fast-growing economies to accept orders and payments from their overseas customers, by making available international APMs on their websites or marketplaces via the DAO’s merchant API.

Bill Payment

The Borderless Commerce service also enabled acquirers to provision services for billing merchants. Payment transaction are initiated and completed in a way similar to conducting an online transaction, the consumer will be able to use the DAO app to scan the QR code shown on the bill, and then complete the transaction within the DAO app.  

Steps to get started with a Borderless Commerce Service

Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your online transactions
Open an account

Get started with our Frictionless Onboarding Process in few intuitive steps

Configure Payment Methods and Margins

Accept all payment types and access a global network of alternative payment methods through a single connection to our eCommerce payments gateway


Integrate with our Payment Gateway

Go live

That's it: You are ready to go Live

Start your Journey with The DAO Borderless Commerce today
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