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  • What types of accounts does The DAO provide?
    The DAO provisions business accounts in collaboration with its global banking partners. These business accounts are typically for payment service providers and merchants. The DAO is also capable of provisioning business accounts for SME’s which are setup as limited liability companies, sole proprietors, and partnerships.
  • How do I sign up for The DAO business account?
    Please click here in order to sign-up. Alternatively, please contact our Sales team for more information about signing up an account.
  • What are the Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) that The DAO provisions through its global acquirer relationships for borderless commerce?
    Please click here to see a list of all the supported APMs in The DAO.
  • What are the transaction currencies that The DAO supports?
    The DAO’s Borderless Commerce platform is a multi-currencies platform that can support over 130+ transaction currencies. Please be reminded that each APM or payment system will have its own limitation on the choice of transaction currencies.
  • For each APM that I want to make available in my e-commerce website, do I need to perform a separate system integration with it?"
    First and foremost From a business point of view, The DAO only works through its acquirer relationships in domestic markets. From a technology perspective, The DAO offers a single integration to the DAO’s Borderless Commerce platform. Using our API will provide you with the access to all the APMs supported by The DAO.
  • What is The DAO’s Payment Platform?
    The DAO’s real-time, omni-channel payment platform is a multi-tenant, cloud hosted, proprietary technology platform stack to run an end-to-end payment business. It is especially catered for new payment service providers and or acquirers. The technology stack consists of banking grade acquiring host capable of supporting e-commerce, physical POS, mPOS, MOTO, coupon and loyalty transaction for both physical and e-commerce merchants. It is also a fully functional BASE I, BASE II, and ISO 8583 payment switch. It also enables intelligent routing and switching for cost optimization and control by simply setting up rules to route transactions to different acquirers / banks based on BINs, card schemes, and costs.
  • To what extent can The DAO’s Payment Platform be white-labelled to suit my own branding of the PSP business?
    The visual elements such as company logo, colour theme, etc. of all the public-facing user interface (such as the hosted payment page) as well as the information management portals for you (PSP) and your clients (e.g. the merchants) can all be customized according to your own branding requirements.
  • How secure is The DAO’s Payments Platform?
    The DAO’s Payment Platform is built with global standard of cryptographic security support, and is deployed in a PCI-DSS Level-1 certified environment. Sensitive data will be encrypted with industrial grade encryption standard; and standard security HTTPS will be used for all communication with external parties over the Internet.
  • Does The DAO’s Payments Platform include any fraud management solution?
    The DAO’s Payment Platform has integrations with third party’s fraud management solutions to provide real-time transactions monitoring so that it can minimize potential revenue loss to you (and to your merchants) due to fraud.
  • How scalable and reliable is The DAO’s Payment Platform?
    The DAO’s Payment Platform is architected with a cluster deployment capability; thus it can be easily scaled out both vertically and horizontally to meet the most stringent demands from your PSP business. Moreover, high availability of the payment platform is achieved by implementing high resilience in every critical system component such as network, firewall, servers, database, and storage, etc.
  • How much does it cost for white-labelling The DAO’s Payment Platform for my PSP business?
    Please contact our Sales team for a discussion so that we can understand more about your needs and propose the best pricing model for you.
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