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Fund Settlement Services

Funds Settlement for Payment Providers, Merchants and Merchant aggregators

The DAO provisions advanced fund settlement technology and back office to payment providers, Merchants and Merchant Aggregators in order to run their business effectively 
Flexible fund-in / fund-out channels
Instant settlement across global network
Transparent single-view of the global fund pool
Global access to liquidity supply and demand

Fund Settlement Services

For Payment Providers, Merchant Aggregators and Merchants
The DAO provides payment providers, merchants, merchant aggregators liquidity solutions, i.e. the services of invoicing and collection from overseas customers.  Payment providers can utilize this service to manage liquidity and eventual settlement for their own merchants. The DAO will provide functionality to invoice and prompt fund collection from companies and payment methods and subsequent fund settlement.

Steps to get started with a Fund Settlement Services

Discover all the payment options you need to get the most out of your online transactions
Open an Account

Get started with our Frictionless Onboarding Process, in few intuitive steps

Define Markets and Territories

Define your Business Markets, and Settlement Parameters using our comprehensive Portal 

Go live

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Start your Journey with The DAO Fund Settlement Services today
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